ItaliaSec Summit

15th – 16th MAY 2018


This groundbreaking Summit is designed for senior security thought leaders working in Italy to help trigger productive discussions and promote best practices with the aim of putting together robust policies and standards that will shape a more secure future for Italian infrastructure and assets.

Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit

The Event

ITALIASEC – Securing Italy from Cyber Threats

15th -16th May 2018Rome, Italy

Over recent years, cyber attacks have constituted a worrying concern for companies, institutions and governmental bodies. Reports show that the amount of malware vulnerabilities in Italy is considerably higher than the world average and cybercrime has increased by 30% last year. This has made Information Security a top priority for professionals striving to protect Italian most critical infrastructures which, if compromised, could post a serious threat to economy and safety.
The growing frequency and sophistication of these cyber-threats has prompted a huge increase in both funding and attention paid to cyber-security. This, however, is not enough and there is immense need to put in place robust cyber security policies increasing the resilience and security of Italian ICT assets and designing an effective risk management process.
Security and prevention may be expensive but protecting our data is priceless.
ItaliaSec Summit represents the first event in the region for senior security thought leaders designed to help trigger productive discussion and promote best practices with the aim to put together robust policies and standards that will shape a securer future for the country.
Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit

Make the most of your 2 days!

  • The most advanced information and policies
  • Learn from individuals with first-hand experience
  • Recognise current and future threats
  • Be part of the discussion that will impact the industry
  • Single track event with all attendees engaged in one discussion
  • Showcase your expertise to a senior audience
Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


DAY 01  
15 MAY 2018
08:00 Registration
08:50 Opening Address from the Chairman
09:00 Opening Panel
An Overview of the Current Cyber Security Landscape In Italy. Cyber Regulation, Legislation & Policy.

  • We will examine the evolution and the state of the Italian Security landscape by analysing the two main change drivers: the National Framework Directive and the NIS. The panel will look at new cyber security threats and will explore the challenges that Italian infrastructure is now facing
09:40 Keynote
Italy’s New Strategic Approach to Cyber Threats

10:20 Keynote
RSA”s Business-Driven Security Strategy. Filling the Communication Gap between LOB and Security

11:00 Break and Speed Networking
11:40 Keynote
PANOPTESEC Project: Dynamic Risk Approach for Automated Cyber Defence

  • ACEA Group – digitization and innovation practices
  • Gap analysis: what needs to be done and what can be done
  • The Panoptesec Project: a success story
  • Best practices and lessons learnt
  • What next? A look into the future/li>
12:20 Platform Presentation
Cloud Services and Mobile Apps: Security Issues and Solutions

  • Mobile App to access Cloud Services: why is so important to protect and manage them?
  • Driving the change: safety and user-experience must go hand-in-hand
12:30 Keynote
Sustainable Cyber Security for the Real World
13:00 Seated Lunch Hosted By RSA
14:00 Case Study
CERT: The Key To Growth

  • CERT are key elements in the protection of information infrastructure and systems. The relationship with the internal SOC is crucial as together they constitute the driving force of the company’s information security.Their cooperation enables Cyber Defence Situational Awareness, that represents the civil sector’s goal in terms of potential scenarios of hybrid warfare
14:40 Keynote
Digital Revolution and IoT. The Challenges of Digitisation and Cloud Security

  • Exploring the complexity of the Industry 4.0 Transformation
  • Applications of the Internet of Things: what are the “Things” and how to deal with it.
  • IoT, BYOD and WYOD: how to design monitoring and protection mechanisms
15:20 Platform Presentation
Cyber Security landscape in 2017 – Key Trends. Is the Human Factor your biggest risk?
15:30 Break and Networking
16:00 Keynote
Establishing a Robust Operational Risk Management Culture Within the Organization: How Cyber Security is impacting Our Target Operating Models

  • Operating Model
  • Risk Analysis in the insurance sector
  • Methodology to be used
16:40 Group Discussion
Where are we going? Orientation, Risk Analysis and Awareness: An Interdisciplinary Approach
17:20 Chairman’s Closing Address
17:30 Networking Drinks and Canapés
DAY 02  
16 MAY 2018
08:30 Registration
08:50 Welcome Address from the Chair
09:00 Opening Panel
Recruiting for cyber security: How to fill the cyber security skills gap

  • The shortage of qualified people to fill open positions in IT security is an issue that needs to be fixed. The panel will explore the implications of not addressing the current cyber security skills gap and the need for industry to work together with higher education providers to solve the current crisis.
09:40 Platform Presentation
The SonicWall approach and how appropriate solutions can change perspective and break down silos
09:50 Keynote
Dynamic evolution of previous attacks and the outlook for the future

  • Evolution of attacks
  • The need to shift from reaction to detection and prevention
  • Overcoming traditional approaches
10:20 Morning Refreshments and Networking
11:00 Case Study
ESA Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Exploring the ESACERT

  • The first part of the presentation focus on explaining the role of ESACERT in the organization, what are the main internal and external interfaces, the challenges that the team have to face and the added values for the ESA constituency in the services that ESACERT deliver. The second part of the presentation focus on the technologies and tools used to fight against cyber attacks to assure effectiveness of the security controls to reduce the risk of threats.
11:40 Platform Presentation
Security applications and networking devices. Nightmare or priorities?
11:50 Keynote
Cyber Threat and Critical Infrastructure. The Current Landscape

  • An Overview of the Current Threats
  • How to identify threat actors and TTPs
  • What countermeasures should we take?
12:30 Keynote
Data Encryption, requisiti GDPR e Strategie di Trasformazione Digitale
13:00 Seated Lunch
14:00 Case Study
Cyber Security to support Digital Transformation in Power Generation. Lessons from Ansaldo

  • The digital transformation to support the global development of Ansaldo Energia in Power Generation
  • Protecting the Intellectual Property: Systems and Information Security
  • 4.0 and IoT: cyber security as an integrated ecosystem both for customers and suppliers
14:40 Keynote
Build an effective Enterprise Security strategy in a fast paced environment

  • Analysing the current scenario—what we need to achieve?
  • Exploring the tools you need to build an efficient and comprehensive strategy and reduce the complexity
  • Finding solutions to everyday challenges
15:20 Refreshments & Networking
15:50 Group Discussion
Deep & Dark Web: Preventing Dangers from the Obscure Side of the Net
16:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit

Steering Committee

Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


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Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit
Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


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Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit



Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit


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Qatalyst Global is a senior-level Cyber Security Summit and Industrial IoT Summit provider. CS4CA Summit

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