17 December

US: Cybersecurity Statistics

Cybersecurity in the US: Facts & Statistics Worth Knowing.
Cyber-attacks globally:
“Regardless of size, country of origin or industry, every organisation has something of value to a cyber attacker.” So begins the CyberArk 2018 Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report, which analyses responses from 1,300 IT professionals, business leaders, application developers and DevOps practitioners from 7 countries.
• 46% of IT security professionals say their cyber security strategy rarely changes substantially, even after a cyber-attack.
• 46% of security professionals say that their organisation can’t prevent attackers from breaking into internal networks each time it is attempted.
Meanwhile, the frequency and severity of cyber security incidents continues to mount. Security professionals from organisations around the world report that some of the top cyber security threats they face are:
• Targeted phishing attacks (56%)
• Insider threats (51%)
• Ransomware/malware (48%)
• Unsecured privileged accounts (42%)
• Unsecured data stored in the cloud (41%)
The IBM Security and Ponemon Institute 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study looked at 419 companies in 11 countries and 2 regional samples, and interviewed more than 1,900 individuals.
• All participating organizations had experienced data breach incidents.
• In 2017, the average number of breached records by country was 24,089.
• The nation with the most breaches annually was India, with over 33,000 files.
• The US had an above-the-average number: 28,500.
Cyber-attacks in the USA:
In 2017, Accenture calculated that over 130 large-scale targeted breaches affect the US per year – and that this number is growing yearly by 27%.
The US was the most targeted country from 2015 to 2017, accounting for 27% of all targeted cyber-attack activity in the world, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report 2018.
• 90% of targeted attack groups are motivated by intelligence gathering.
• 71% of groups use spear-phishing emails as the primary infection vector.
• Between 2015 and 2017, the US was the country most affected by targeted attacks (303), followed by India (133), Japan (87), Taiwan (59) and Ukraine (49).
46% of US organisations experienced a breach incident in the past year, a substantial increase from the 24% in 2017 and the 20% from 2016, as found by Thales Security in their 2018 Data Threat Report.
The average per capita cost of a data breach was $225 in the United States and $190 in Canada – and these are the most expensive in the world, as found by Ponemons Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview.
• Data breaches are least expensive in Brazil ($79) and India ($64).
• The average total organizational cost in the U.S. was $7.35 million.
• The lowest average total organizational cost was in Brazil: $1.52 million.
*Disclaimer: These statistics derive from multiple reports, surveys, and studies, each conducted by different organisations and using different methodologies and groups of respondents. Please access the original reports for more context on each statistic.

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