24 September

CS4CA MENA: Cyber Defense

Cyber Security for Critical Assets MENA: How to protect your company from cyber threats.

As part of a global series, Qatalyst Global is pleased to bring the 13th edition of the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit to Dubai on January 21st-22nd 2019, focusing on the Middle East and Northern Africa regions.
This will be a platform to discuss and evaluate the practical steps needed to move towards cyber resilience in a professional and structured peer-to-peer learning environment. You will be joined by senior professionals from the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Nuclear, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, and Maritime industries.
Why now?

The infamous attack involving a piece of malware known as Triton, Trisis and HatMan, which specifically targeted Schneider Electric’s Triconex safety instrumented systems through a zero-day vulnerability, was not an isolated case. The threat group responsible for this is still active, targeting organisations worldwide and safety systems other than Triconex.
This is something that is keeping the region’s security leaders awake at night. In such cases, sharing information, experiences, solutions and ideas on possible approaches is more than necessary – it is vital for businesses.

Key Themes

We take pride in collaborating with a body of experts to create a content-driven and solutions-oriented summit. You can expect most sessions to be addressing “how-to” questions with practical guidelines and solutions. The key topics underlying the agenda can be grouped into the following themes:

• Mitigating risks against ever-evolving attacks on safety systems,
• Identifying ways to maintain up-to-date situational awareness of emerging threats,
• Managing security in hybrid IT/OT environments through an integrative internal cyber security strategy,
• Building and sustaining a multi-layered defense system,
• Creating a cohesive regulatory framework for the region’s critical infrastructure.

Agenda Highlights

Among the sessions you shouldn’t miss, are:
• A panel discussion on what we can do to combat malicious software affecting and targeting ICS, where senior engineers will explore the convergence of security and safety, how to mitigate risks, and the measures they are adopting to prevent attacks and detect threats promptly.
• Enterprise-wide cyber security culture and its determining factors will be analysed in a comprehensive presentation by keynote speaker Jean-Philippe Berillon, CSO at ENGIE Middle East.

• Osama Salah, Chapter Leader of the FAIR Institute as well as Head of IT Technical Support at ADNOC LNG, will be joining us for a presentation on advocating cyber risk quantification based on the work of the FAIR Institute.

• Situation tables will ultimately provide you with the opportunity to discuss a real-life crisis scenario with a group of peers and solutions providers, to address common challenges and learn best security practices and guidelines.

• OT-specific case studies will be discussed so that you can identify key takeaways and take actionable insights to be implemented in your own organisation after the summit.

Request a copy of the detailed agenda here. Or, register now at www.cs4ca.com/mena to reserve your seat with 25% off before the 8th November 2018.

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